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The following is a quick summary of how we handle customer's data, but you can also view our terms and conditions and privacy policy if we haven’t covered something, or contact us directly if you have any questions.
We encrypt your login information
Some websites store passwords in plain text on their server, so if there’s a break in and you’ve used the password somewhere else, you’d need to change the password before someone else does! We don’t even store the passwords to begin with, just an encrypted jumble of letters and numbers, which we can check against the password you enter!

We don’t store your credit card details
Storing credit card details online can be worrying and unsafe. So we don’t store your credit card details at all! Your credit card details aren’t even sent to our servers! They go straight to SagePay from your browser to one of the world’s largest and most trusted credit card processing companies.
We won’t share your private information
Aside from SagePay receiving your credit card details, we won’t share any private information with anyone outside of our website.
We won’t advertise any third party products or services
You won’t be getting any annoying emails about third party products!
In summary… We don’t do anything sneaky!
We’ve worked hard to try and bring you a high quality e-commerce website that’s easy to use. Enjoy!