DPI 610A Portable Aircraft Leak Tester

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The DPI 610 Aeronautical version is a low cost yet flexible portable calibrator for precision leak testing of aircraft pitot static systems.


Product Description

This special, 2 bar absolute (59 inHg absolute) version of the DPI 610 provides manual generation of pressure and vacuum for testing of aircraft Pitot Static systems.
It has a special pneumatic manifold and output port assembly, the output of the pump being suitably regulated to prevent overpressure/vacuum from being applied to the aircraft’s instruments.


  • Altitude and Airspeed leak testing
  • Altitude and Airspeed switch testing
  • Integral pressure/vacuum pump
  • Accuracy to 14ft and 0.7kts
  • Large, task oriented display
  • RS 232 communications interface

Datasheet downloads

   DPI 610 Aeronautical Datasheet PDF (203 KB)